Sweet FA


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released May 13, 2016


Christopher Vanderkooy - Guitar
Peter Wilton - Bass
Mikey Pascuzzi - Drums
Neil Smith - Guitar and Vocals

Written and performed by PEACH PIT

Produced by Harley Small and PEACH PIT at The Space Studios
Recorded and Mixed by Small Talk Productions
Mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering

Illustration by Max Littledale
Photo by Neil Smith


released May 13, 2016



all rights reserved


PEACH PIT Vancouver, British Columbia

being so normal


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Track Name: Peach Pit
oh peach pit where'd the hours go
when your orange skin began to glow
from a hanging branch in gardens home

not much is hidden underneath
a rock heart for breaking teeth
and apple cores cyanide seed

it's been a long season through
all this rotting fruit with you
it's been a long season through
this rotting fruit with you

lift back and see the darkness hid
swallowed up an angled in
looking back at sweetness dim

ripe june had leaf and shady friend
the cool are is gone again
Track Name: Seventeen
i say here stand i
i can't do otherwise
but is it enough
and why'd you look so tough

back at patrick park
we stood in the dark
in my beer stained mind
i said please won't you be mine

there's something dark hangin' over my head
i'm seventeen don't hold your breath

on the high school lot
you'd kiss me so long
but lessons don't last
when i'm playing you so fast

there's something dark hangin' over my head
i'm seventeen don't hold your breath

punch and first collapse
drunk at winter dance
looks in red dress
oh what an awful mess
Track Name: Drop the Guillotine
you said you didn't know her name yesterday
but now you've got her stayin' later on
in whispered press a lash is left on her cheek
just brush it off you got her feelin' weak

after practice you were sitting on the lawn
while she was laughin' in the sun

you sure know how to drop that guillotine on me
though you would never wanna see me bleed
i'll just wipe off my neck then leave you in between
you sure know how to kill me

i saw you lookin' back a lot yesterday
thinkin' how could you get this goin' on
in whispered press her lips said yes, dance with me
just pull her close you got her feelin' weak

in the middle of darkness after everybody's gone
she'll be lookin' back at you for the dawn
Track Name: Sweet FA
sweet fa
i'll take you any day, don't take me out
just let me hear the growl from those
perfect lips
your sweet caressing kiss can lay me out
just don't go lead me south

as you seep on in and keep me down
as you seep on in and keep me lying' round

morning blues
you're such a sweet perfume, just shut your eyes
and don't go leave my side
i'll couch my days, I'm gone in such a blaze of lazy love
and it's turning me to scum